Class Description

Xtend Barre

Xtend Barre is a 55 minute total body workout that strengthens, lengthens, and stretches the body from top to bottom, from inside out. The end result is a long and lean physique… without added bulk. Developed from a dance / Pilates background, the Xtend Barre workout combines the amazing results of dance with the principles of strength and safety in Pilates.

Xtend Barre Stick

The Xtend Barre Stick is a 55 minute workout that utilizes the Pilates Stick attached to the ballet barre to add resistance to your Xtend Barre workout. This class will build your cardio endurance, upper body strength and core stability. Build upon the traditional Xtend Barre workout with a bit less dance, but alot of Xtend Barre grace combined with added strength, stability and core training.

Mat Pilates

The Mat Exercises, developed by Joseph H. Pilates, are the foundation for the Pilates Method. This class will build core strength, increase overall flexibility, improve posture, reduce stress and coordinate breathing. Pilates creates a balanced body while invigorating your mind and lifting your spirit.

Xtend Prive

Personalized VIP experience. Work individually with an XB master trainer to build a customized step-by-step plan to achieve your goals. This results drive, holistic approach will transform your body, engage your mind, perfect your technique, and make you feel strong and confident.

Xtend Barre Pilates Fusion

A dynamic Pilates flow workout set to upbeat music. The class follows a classical Pilates Mat structure with an XB twist; increasing the intensity of this floor/barre workout.

Xtend Barre Stick Fusion

Combines the best of our two signature classes: Xtend Barre and Stick. The class begins with our traditional Xtend Barre sequences and ends with the Stick core/leg series.

Xtend Technique

Learn the lingo, master the basics, and perfect your form. This class is great for those who are new to XB, but also challenges seasoned xtenders looking to excel in order to gain the most from their classes. Class moves at a slower pace; focusing on alignment and proper setup and less on choreography. Simple, yet still challenging!

Babies on Board

Modified post-natal workout for new moms and their babies (under 18 pounds). Baby is in the Ergo/Bjorn/carrier while mom strengthens and tones back to better than pre-baby shape. This is a great way for mom to reconnect to her body while bonding with her baby in a fun and safe way. Physician 6 week clearance required.


Barrecamp is a 75 minute workout that amplifies the traditional Xtend Barre workout by lengthening the class duration and takes it up a notch with the challenge of cardio intervals.